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We all know it can be tempting to buy more stuff on Black Friday, but my tradition is to instead put my money towards items that enrich my health, vitality and diet.

I’ve scoured the web for the best deals on items I already own and love, so I can share them with you! Today’s theme is all about cookbooks.

Even if you already have some cookbooks at home, the ones I recommend here will definitely add more inspiration, joy and healthy cooking to your kitchen, as these cookbook creators are some of the most imaginative and expressive yet practical chefs I’m familiar with. Their recipes have stood the test of many years of healthy cooking in my own kitchen, and I never tire of them.

Here they are! These cookbooks are drastically discounted for Black Friday, so much so that you could grab two or three different cookbooks for the price you’d normally pay for one. PLUS, Amazon is even offering an additional discount on top of the sale price for some of them, in the form of a get 3 items for the price of 2 promotion. Hurry up and check them out before these crazy deals end!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Green Kitchen Travels — $12.88 on sale, $35 regularly

Hands down one of the best…a creative, fun and diverse collection of vegetarian recipes. You’ll feel like you’re traveling the world while eating healthfully. Until we can all get back to traveling safely, this is a great pick-me-up!

Green Kitchen Smoothies — $14.54 on sale, $19.99 regularly — this one is even part of a get 3 items for the price of 2 promotion

Do you need ideas for healthy breakfasts or snacks? Smoothies are a great option when you’re in a rush or on the go. If you’re stuck in a rut of the same old smoothie, Green Kitchen Smoothies will offer a plant-based, colorful palette for smoothie making! Don’t miss it.

The First Mess Cookbook — $22.25 on sale, $30 regularly — this one is even part of a get 3 items for the price of 2 promotion

The First Mess cooking style is simply lovely. Fresh, local, seasonal suggestions, with an emphasis on rich plant-based dishes, leaves me feeling satisfied and thrilled with my meals when I use this cookbook. The cookbook strikes the perfect balance between new and familiar-you’ll probably discover some new ideas and foods while also coming back to comforting, healthful meals you’re somewhat familiar with, as well.

My New Roots Cookbook — $19.99 on sale, $29.99 regularly

My New Roots has some of the most delicious plant-based recipes I’ve ever tried! I come back to this cookbook again and again for recipes like the life-changing loaf of bread (it truly is!) and some really inventive and superb salads, among many other thrilling recipes.

I’ll be posting more deals throughout the week on different themes related to healthy eating, diet and lifestyle, so keep an eye out! In the meantime, enjoy browsing these cookbook options, and if you get one or some of them, let me know in the comments which ones you chose!

Originally published at on November 25, 2020.

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